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RE-Spec describes itself as a human rights organization that uses strategic incidents (often referred to as terrorist attacks) to effect change in the treatment and preservation of humanity. Notable incidents include the bombing of a lunar Rutger cloning facility in 2013, the assassination of cybernetics tech developer Susan Laste, and the CAT virus targeted at augmented reality devices active during the early 2010's. Re-Spec's figurehead is Vicade Cymbine who steps forward to claim credit for and explain the intent of their demonstrations and incidents.

RE-Spec's three claimed pillars are RESPECting humanity, REclaiming the SPECies, and REspec'ing interest in human exceptionalism.

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RE-Spec began as a nameless group of Hawaiians who washed upon Howland Island after a shipwreck. In the 1890s, a group of 15 shipwreck survivors washed upon the shore. Within days, they started experiencing special abilities ranging from ESP to elemental manipulation. This enabled some to bring sea creatures to the island for food and others were able to summon fire for cooking. Others used their abilities to dig into the island and found a cave system created by the American Guano Company. The AGC had found the island's special properties and, in a disagreement about what to do with the discovery, killed each other. The final member sealed the dig site and committed suicide.

The Hawaiians, digging deeper, they discovered the source of their newfound powers: the Manahouwa. This small community grew slowly but mostly decided to keep their secret to themselves. Some members left to find different lives elsewhere.

Eventually, one of those who left decided to hoodwink Fred Noonan to bring Amelia Earhart to the island just as a joke built out of boredom. Once Fred and Amelia arrived, they quickly gained new powers - Amelia the ability of WorldSight and slow aging, and Fred the ability of time manipulation.

After the nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll, the group became more nervous of being discovered and started planning more seriously for the scenario in which they would be discovered or have to defend the island. As the cold war pushed into cloning, RE-Spec and its political ideology was formed.

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RE-Spec are based out of an underground lair in Howland Island in the Pacific.

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